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Black Friday is just around the corner! Make the most out of your shopping trip by checking our opening hours so that you know what stores to hit first. From the latest fashions and electronics to must-have gifts and everything in between—there’s a deal to be had around every corner.

Shopping in Eureka, CA

Bayshore Mall
Bayshore Mall

Shopping in Eureka, CA

Bayshore Mall is ideally located in the town of Eureka, the center for government, healthcare, trade, and the arts for the entire California Redwood Coast region. As the only enclosed regional mall within a 155-mile radius, Bayshore Mall houses the most extensive assortment of in-demand box retailers in the region including Kohl's and Sears. In 2013, Bayshore Mall completed a sweeping renovation that included adding a Walmart, T.J. Maxx, Ulta, and Planet Fitness.
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